torsdag den 22. marts 2018

#RDG21 - 21

Day Twenty-one - Why here?

I love the air and sunshine in my hair.
I love the sound of calling geese in Spring.
I love the snow in Winter.
I love growing things - and harvesting them.
I love my view.
I love it here!

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#RDG21 - 20

Day Twenty - Favourite place

The woods close to home. Many a worry has disappeared and many an inspiration appeared biking through the beeches in "my" wood. 

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#RDG21 - 19

Day Nineteen - Something small

Seeds and sprouts are very small, but right now they are a big part of MotherOwl's life.

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søndag den 18. marts 2018

#RDG21 - 18

Day Eighteen - After dark

This prompt makes me thing of the book Afutā Dāku by Haruku Murakami. I never read it, but I will some day. As I do not own the book, a real after dark picture is in its place here.

The almost new moon and an old church.

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#RDG21 - 17

Day Seventeen - Something old

This ancient oak - which I pass if I go by bike somewhere else to do my shopping - never ceases to fascinate me.

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